LITA Board

I’m running for the LITA Board.  Here’s why.

LITA is ALA’s home base for a diverse group of technology-friendly people from every kind of library-related environment.   LITA has active members and contributors from public, academic, special libraries as well as our vendor community.  This is one of LITA’s strengths; in LITA, you WILL encounter perspectives and lessons from environments different from your own.

One of LITA’s main challenges is that because LITA is so diverse and not focused on one specific type of library or user community, it is often people’s “second division,” and with money for memberships and professional activities squeezed ever tighter, it’s more difficult for people to sustain multiple memberships and to attend multiple conferences.  LITA is a vibrant community that offers a lot of value, and one of the things I want to help support is reinforcing the value of membership.  We need to make it a priority to reach out to potential new members elsewhere within ALA and outside of it, and in encouraging active participation by existing members.  Another strength of LITA is the wide range of opportunities for participation. It’s not hard to get involved with LITA – there are many venues for people with different skills, interests, and calendars.  I want us to make sure everyone knows what those opportunities are and feels welcome and encouraged to join in.

I would be very grateful for your vote for Director-At-Large.

If you have any questions for me, you can comment below or reach me at jreiswig – at – ucsd – dot – edu.  I’m also all over the Twitters as @jenfoolery


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