Day in the life… early afternoon

1-2: doing some web content updating.  We’re THIS CLOSE to implementing the real live working workflow for our public site, but until that happens, I’m the only one from the Biomedical library who can edit our site.  It’s, uh, irksome.  For everyone. Especially people who need things done quickly because frankly I’ve been quite a bottleneck in this process.  Sorry, folks.  😦

2-3: ref desk.  Actually, service desk.  Biomed has a combined ref/circ desk, and today I would estimate 60% of my traffic was circ, mostly course reserve stuff.  But there were two real research help questions and one consumer health question.  The latter is a person I’ve talked to before, who really really really needs to talk to a doctor but doesn’t seem to want to, for whatever reason. I don’t know if they’re scared, don’t have health coverage, or what.  But they keep pushing for actual medical advice, what should I do, what specific treatments, is this for sure not contagious…  advice we absolutely cannot give.


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